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Biological efficacy study of two binary insecticides on insect pests of horticultural crops in Niger


Abdou Mamadou, Kadri Aboubacar, Ham├â┬â├ć┬ĺ├â┬é├é┬ę Abdou Kadi Kadi, Idrissa Gamatch├â┬â├ć┬ĺ├â┬é├é┬ę, Xavier Brigodiot, Moumouni Abou

Study of biological efficacy of CAPT FORTE 184 WG and CAPT 88 EC used to control insect pests of horticultural crops was conducted in March 2010 in the urban city of Tillabéri in Niger. The mainobjective of this study was to assess the biocide effect of these insecticides on the major insect pests of horticultural crops. The results of this study have shown that CAPT FORTE 184 WG and CAPT 88 EC had a reducing effect of capturing the insects in the treated plots, whereas the population of these insects increased in the check plot. The cumulated death rates at 21 days after chemicals applications are 75.19 ± 3.5% et 90.66 ± 2.9% with respectively the treatments CAPT FORTE 184 WG with all the confounded doses and the treatments CAPT 88 EC with all the doses.

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