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Biofilm-associated infections: public health implications


T. Mahami* and A. Adu-Gyamfi

Microorganisms attach to surfaces and develop biofilms which have been implicated in a variety of human diseases with great importance for public health .Unfortunately, biofilm-associated diseases are resistant to conventional biocides and host immune systems. As a result there is a rise in difficult-totreat human infections with an increase in cost to the health sector. The objective of this study was to review literature on biofilm-associated microbes with respect to factors controlling biofilm formation, life cycle, structure and composition, detachment and dispersal, resistance to antimicrobials and host immune systems, their contribution to the disease burden of man and public health implications of biofilm-associated diseases. A greater understanding of biofilm processes will help provide the basis for the development of guidelines for biofilm-related biosafety and public health risk assessment as well as development of novel and effective control strategies.

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