Biodiversity of Tree Plant Species in Daund Tahsil from Pune | 69518
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Biodiversity of Tree Plant Species in Daund Tahsil from Pune District (M.S.), India


Jalindarnath G. Bagal*

Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or on an entire planet. The regional floristic studies are very important and it can be achieved by exploration of smaller areas. This is useful in the revision of existing flora. In present paper account of biodiversity of tree plant species in Daund tahsil from pune district of Maharashtra state, India is highlighted. Plant exploration was conducted to determine tree plant species in Daund tahsil. Tree flora includes 142 species (2 subspecies) belonging to 108 genera and 42 families of Angiosperms. Out of 142 species, 134 species (2 subspecies) are belonging to Dicotyledons while 8 species are of Monocotyledons. The family Caesalpinniaceae (16 Species), Mimosaceae (13 Species, 2 subspecies) and Bignoniaceae (11 Species) are dominant families of tree flora in Daund tahsil. Each plant is studied with respect to its botanical name, common name, family name, flowering and fruiting period etc.

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