Biodiversity loss: A threat to urban landscape | 17526
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Biodiversity loss: A threat to urban landscape


Ahmed R Kasim

Human creative and productive activities take place in the environment and as population grows, pressure on biodiversity arising from higher consumption levels elicit implications. ecosystems transformation in urban infrastructural development and attendant depletion of natural resource stock of contiguous hinterland with little concern for site and species of conservation interest manifest in land decline as well as urban decay. In the federal capital territory (FCT), the influx of people and disturbance of the environment are exacerbated by the deliberate policy to open an extensive low density area for administration and ensuring physical imperatives for a new capital for Nigeria. Establishment of ex-situ conservation schemes such as parks, biological gardens and arboreta, and some measures of landscape architecture would serve as tools for sustainable development of sites of scientific interests, urban recreation, conservation and preservation of species for posterity.

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