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International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science

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Assessment of soybean products acceptability and consumption in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria


Ugwu D. S. and Nwoke U. M.

This study set out to assess the extent of soybean products acceptability and consumption in Orumba South Local Government Area. Random sampling was used to collect data from 180 respondents using descriptive tools, such as mean, frequencies and percentages and likert scaling. Research questions were formulated and utilized. In addition related literatures were reviewed in relation to the knowledge base of the people about the processing and utilization of soybean products. Data collected were analyzed and the result show that soybean products have been accepted and consumed by a great number of people for the fact that its nutritive value have been made known to them. Many people have been educated on the processing and using of soybean products in different ways through interactions with fellow human beings and mass media like television. Available soybean products were found to include soybean powdered milk, soybean liquid milk and soybean flour. Some soybean products such as soybean oil, soybean cake and soybean meal were not available. It was recommended that food specialist extension workers should be sent to rural areas in order to educate the rural people on the methods of processing those soybean products that are not available in the area. Secondly, government should provide the rural people with facilities needed for the processing of these products such as grinding mills and expellers at subsidized rates as well ad and develop markets for soybean products to enable the people take advantage in the commercialization of these processed products to promote rural development.

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