Assessment of knowledge and attitude towards Lassa fever amo | 17883
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Assessment of knowledge and attitude towards Lassa fever among Primary care providers in an endemic suburban community of Edo state: implications for control


Tobin EA, Asogun DA, Isah EC, Ugege OG, Ebhodaghe P

The study set to assess the knowledge and atti tude to Lassa fever among primary care providers. Structured questionnaires were administe red to consenting primary care workers in Private and Primary health centres in Ekpoma. Data ana lysis was carried out using SPSS version 15. On e hundred and thirty five (135) health workers partic ipated in the study. One hundred and thirty one (97.0%) respondents had previously heard of Lassa fever. Overall knowledge of Lassa fever was poor for 51 (38.9%), and fair for 54 (41.2%) and goo d for 260 (19.8%). Hand gloves were stated as the most useful personal protective gear when dealing with a patient with Lassa fever. Fifty six (42 .7 %) felt their level of knowledge was sufficient for th em to safely and effectively handle a patient, 126 (96.4%) expressed their desire to know more ab out Lassa fever. The primary care health worker in a rural area is the one most likely to be the first point of call for persons seek ing orthodox medicine. It is therefore essential that he is adequately informed about the disease, it’s presentation and prevention

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