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Anti-inflammatory effect of Euphorbia dendroides L


F.A. Al-Shammaki

Euphorbia dendroides L.  (Euphoraceae)  is a tree-like semi-succulent spurge growing as a wild plant in Libya.  In the present study, the anti-inflammatory activity of ethanolic extracts of Euphorbia dendroides L.  in a dose of 400 mg/kg p.o.  was investigated in mice by  means of carrageenan-induced paw oedema method.  The pedal oedema was measured by means of a ¹micrometer; using 0.025 ml of 1% carrageenan solution was injected subcutaneously into one hind paw of each mouse, compared with aspirin in a dose of 100mg/kg orally to serve as a reference compound.  The results showed that the ethanolic extract exhibited a highly significant inhibition in oedema   (p <   o.o1)   in the group treated with E.  dendroides L.  and the control. 

In order to confirm the anti-inflammatory effect of the plant extract, using aspirin as a reference compound. 

Percentage of inhibition of the oedema was 84% for Euphorbia dendroides L.,  and 86% for aspirin and this confirms that the expected mechanism of Euphorbia dendroides L.  anti-inflammatory effect is probably through decreased in the prostaglandin's level.

Key words:  Ethanolic extract of E.  dendroides L.,  Anti-inflammatory,  Carrageenan test.

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