Antihypertensive Tablets of Beta vulgaris and Trachysperum a | 69013
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Antihypertensive Tablets of Beta vulgaris & Trachysperum ammi.


Tole S.B.*, Joshi A.A and Chavan M.B

High blood pressure is nothing but hypertension, a medical term which deals elevation of blood pressure in the arteries. In the early and also long term high blood pressure do not show symptoms but making major contribution for arising coronary heart disease which lead to stroke and heart failure. If the medication is not proper way then its leads to vision loss, chronic kidney disease and also dementia. In present study an effectiveness of ajwain (Trachysperum ammi.) was used with beet root (Beta vulgaris) juice for lowering the blood pressure. The present studies have shown that the presence of certain phytochemical and antioxidants in ajwain and beet root was used for to manage conditions like systolic and diastolic blood pressure i.e. hypertension and heart disease. Formulation of herbal tablet was done by the process of maceration of Beta vulgaris (1 kg in 70% 1.5 L ethanol) and Trachysperum ammi (50 gm in 80% 250 ml ethanol) followed by filtration and evaporated to drying. The evaluation of herbal tablet of beet root and ajwain was done by various physicochemical parameters such as hardness of tablet (6.6), weight variation (0.01gm), disintegration (11 min) and also dissolution and friability test shows (0.3 gm) significant effect for the management, regulation and control of blood pressure.

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