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Antibiotic Stewardship Program in Ambulatory Care Setting


Elsherbiny B

At least 30% of antibiotics prescribed in the outpatient setting are unnecessary, meaning that no antibiotic was needed at all. CDC Data 2014. So implementing ASP in ambulatory care is a very challenging mission, which need proper monitoring of antibiotic consumptions, patients visits, DDD (Defined Daily Dose) and cost. The implementation of ASP in ambulatory care is Antibiotic stewardship is the effort to Promote the optimal use of antimicrobial agents and decrease antibiotic consumption based on DDD data. Educate health professionals, patients and the public.Reduce cost. ASP in ambulatory care in Zafranah Clinic AHS SEHA Abu Dhabi was performed through Pharmacist intervention during dispensing prescriptions to check necessity and dose of antibiotics prescribed CDC recommendations for Antibiotic Prescribing in adults and children are sent by email to all physicians frequently to confirm their adherence to the treatment guidelines Patients were targeted through Antibiotic Awareness Week Campaign to improve their education and awareness.

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