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Antibacterial activity of date palm cake extracts


Yasir Mohsen Alhazmi

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest hazards globally that is leading to prolonged hospital stay, inflated medical expenditures and increased morbidity and mortality. Many natural compounds have intrinsic antibacterial activity which needs to be exploited for their clinical use. Given its nutritional value, Date palm is considered as an essential nourishing source in many countries while the Date seed beverage is consumed locally to promote the health. Due to increase in the number of microorganisms resistant to drugs and antibiotics, there is an urgent need of modification of existing antibiotics and antifungal agents, updating of antimicrobial form or formula, and adding new antimicrobial agents for use in the clinics The aim of our research is to assess the active constituents from date palm seed cake for their antimicrobial activity.


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