Analysis of E. Coli Environment Related to the stages of Can | 18185
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Analysis of E. Coli Environment Related to the stages of Cancer


Guangyue Shi, T.K. Basak, T. Ramanujam, Madhubala Bhatt, Deepali Garg, Richa Garg,Sudheer Patil, Narendra urtare , S. Jeybalan

Protein kinease C plays an important role in angiogenesis and apoptosis in cancer. During the phase of angiogenesis the growth factor is up regulated where as during apoptosis the growth factor is down regulated. For down regulation of growth factor the pH environment of intra-cellular fluid has a specific range in the alkaline medium. Protein kinease C along with E-coli through interaction of Selenometabolite is able to maintain that alkaline environment for the apoptosis of the cancer cell with inhibition of the growth factor related to antioxidant/oxidant ratio. The present paper through implementation of Artificial Neural Network, also DTREG, has focused on metastasis linked with Capacitance Relaxation phenomena and down regulation of growth factor (VGEF). In this paper a distributed neural network has been applied to a data mining problem for classification of cancer stages inorder to have proper diagnosis of patient with PKC sensor simulated in E.coli environment. The Network was trained off line using 270 patterns each of 6 inputs. Using the weight obtained during training, fresh patterns were tested for accuracy in diagnosis linked with the stages of cancer.It is to be noted that simulated E-coli environment of this paper has great impact for the treatment of cancer with monoconal antibody.

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