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An investigation of the distribution of microalgae within an oil production facility in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria


Agwa, O.K, Ire, F.S. and Abu, G.O

A survey of the physico-chemical status and microalgae profile from the Obagi flare pit, within the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria were carried out during the rainy and dry seasons. The result of the physico-chemical properties of the waste water samples showed different variations as follows: nitrate ( 2.65-8.855), calcium (0.675- 8.01), magnesium (1.21-2.41), ammonia (0.038- 0.090), phosphate (0.058- 0.54), total hardness (10.01- 24.0), temperature (27.2 - 31.6), Hydrogen-ion concentration (pH), (11.6 - 13.2), bicarbonate ( 930- 1900), salinity (2418.7- 7581.0) and sulphate (1.48 – 3.44). Lead, iron, manganese, vanadium, nickel, cadmium and chromium were among the heavy metals detected. There were up to six phyla of microalgae with about nineteen genera identified. Cyanophyta were the dominant microalgae with Oscillatoria (12.73%) predominant throughout the investigation while Spirulina, Chlamydomonas, Cryptomonas, Gleotrichia, Cosmarium and Rhizochloris at 1.82% were the least in occurrence. This site is a viable bioresource with potential in environmental biotechnology and in the study of remote sensing of microbial biomass.

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