An idiopathic myocardiopathy case-control patient submitted | 18116
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An idiopathic myocardiopathy case-control patient submitted to autologous stem cells implant �?¢�?�?��?�?? case report


Oswaldo Tadeu Greco, Fernando Vilella Sallis, Milton Artur Ruiz, Mário Roberto Lago, Ana Carolina de Abreu, Marilanda Ferreira Bellini, José Luiz Baltahazar Jacob .

The heart failure (HF) is a syndrome in which the heart becomes incapable of supplying enough oxygen to the tissues. The case of a 42-year old male patient with idiopathic dilated myocardiopathy (ECG – sinus rhythm with typical left bundle branch block and duration of QRS=160msec), progressive worsening of clinical history, going through a period of 24 months from functional class II to IV, in spite of the therapeutic optimization until becoming refract. One month later, Gated showed Left Volume Ejection Fraction (LVEF) of 18%, with moderate assynchronism between right / left ventricle and left interventricle. The artificial cardiac resynchronization implant on was realized and followed for an autologous bone marrow stem-cells (BMSCs) via intracoronary. While the hemodynamicist was getting ready for the implant of the same cells in the right coronary artery, the patient developed ventricle fibrillation rhythm with the need of exam suspension for cardiorespiratory resuscitation. Gated showed a little improvement of LVEF (22%), however, an interesting fact was observed: the walls that received the cells had a significant response with contraction improvement which did not reflect in the overall outcome because of the worsening of the walls irrigated by the right coronary artery that did not receive the cells.

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