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Allergen Specific Immunotherapy as an Effective Therapy for Seasonal and Perennial Allergic Rhinitis Patients


Jonnagadala Latha, Vadde Ramakrishna*, George L Moses, and Rallapalli Ramanjaneyulu

Allergen immunotherapy continues to be used worldwide in the management of allergic rhinitis and asthma. In the present study five aeroallergens (house dust, pollen, Parthenium, Aspergillus, cotton) were used in allergen specific immunotherapy and evaluated their sensitivity in 50 diagnosed allergic rhinitis patients. The levels of serum total IgE, specific IgE, IgG and eosinophil were measured in susceptible individuals before and after immunotherapy during 3 year study. Intradermal test revealed the house dust, pollens and cotton are important aeroallergens sensitizing population, since half of the patients were shown positive skin test to these aeroallergens. Elevated levels of eosinophil and total IgE were observed before immunotherapy in both sexes of all age groups. However, immunotherapy with above aeroallergens the eosinophil and total IgE levels significantly lowered. Conversely, the specific IgE antibodies formed after immunotherapy was significantly higher compared to control subjects (P<0.05). The 3 year successive allergen immunotherapy induced the IgG antibodies in patients which block the binding of IgE mast cells and down regulate allergic reactions. From the data it is clearly indicating that the highest sensitivity was noticed to House dust and Pollens in majority of the individuals. The present study showed a very good response to immunotherapy with significantly lowered allergic symptoms. Study suggests the allergen immunotherapy is an effective and well tolerated in the treatment of allergic rhinitis.

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