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A Review to increase efficient management, weed science and plant invasion research is being crossfertilized


Raman Acharya*

The rapid growth of the human population has raised the demand for food in an area with limited resources. To meet the demand, a variety of ways have been used, all of which have disrupted the balance with our magnificent natural surroundings, resulting in serious environmental issues. As a result, existing sustainable alternatives such as nanotechnology have the ability to mitigate the negative effects of other technological advances. Nanoparticles' enormous functional variety in crop production and protection has transformed traditional agriculture to "Nano agriculture." The vast majority of output losses are attributed to insects and pests that are responsible for a variety of plant illnesses. Agrochemicals are becoming more harmful and dangerous to humans and animals as they are used more frequently. As a result, nanotechnology may be the ideal option to agrochemicals, offering numerous advantages such as minimal application with maximum efficacy, low leaching, extended shelf life, environmental friendliness, and long-term effect. Moreover, nanotechnology has significant promise in todays and future agriculture systems through a variety of ways such as disease monitoring and detection, plant development using pre-treatment chemicals, and modulating plant growth hormones, among others.

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