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A Review Paper on Benefits of Murraya Koenigii Plant in Covid-19 Pandemic


Dubey Supriya Umesh Kumar*

The most important agricultural products produced are spices and herbs. Botanicals are used to add flavor to foods all over the world. These priceless natural gifts are used sparingly and include a wide range of active ingredients. Chemical compounds give them their distinct aroma, color, and flavor. Spices add spice to meals, make them more appealing, and encourage people to eat more. Spices are also known for their antimicrobial, antioxidant, appetizing, and digestive properties. Among several spices, a leafy spice named as Murraya Koenigi (curry leaves) is found to be one of the most beneficial plant in this pandemic times of covid-19 due to its medicinal and other important characteristics. Curry leaf is a perennial leafy vegetable. It is called 'Murraya' After Gottingen Botany Professor Johann Andreas Murray (1740-1791) and his student Johann Gerhard Konig (1728-1785), a German botanist. Traditional medical literature defines it as home remedy as it is used for treatment of various diseases, such as Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and traumatic injuries. Organic compounds, such as essential oil, coumarins, and flavonoids, are the primary focus of research on curry leaves in the scientific literature.  Plant polyphenols, according to Levy et al, it can be used as therapy of SARS-CoV-2 as an assistance infection which  Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut and helps to  keep blood sugar levels in check.  In curry leaves Polyphenols, terpenes, saponins, chlorophyll, and carotene are abundant in quantity, And further Spices like turmeric and cumin have long been utilised in Indian and other Asian countries, For the treatment of Covid-19 illness, both chlorhexidine and curry-leaf mouthwash are equally beneficial. Thus, in this review paper, the benefits of curry leaves are studied using different literature surveys and further analyzed their importance in reducing the impacts of covid-19 disease.

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