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A review on the potential of bacosides as therapeutic lead molecules


Debleena Roy*, Renia Mullick, Debapriya Das, Dipu Samanta and Sayak Ganguli

The Ayurvedic medicinal system employs a holistic approach to health, utilizing the synergistic properties of organic resources. The Ayurvedic herb Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. (Brahmi) contains several phytoconstituents mainly saponins (bacosides) and flavonoids. Among the saponins, bacosides are the main active phytoconstituent that can be extracted from Brahmi. The most potent small molecule component that has been utilized for Computer Aided Molecular Docking experiments is Bacoside –A. The aim of this current review is to critically summarize the successful investigations regarding the role of bacosides and their effects against several diseases, which can be further utilized in the drug industry.

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