A qualitative assessment of the perceptions towards mandator | 18150
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A qualitative assessment of the perceptions towards mandatory pre-marital HIV testing among unmarried youths in Ibadan northwest local government area, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Oyedunni Sola Arulogun and Olumide Adetola Adefioye

Mandatory premarital HIV testing is gaining more ground especially among religious organizations in Nigeria but the perceptions of the young persons affected by this request have not been adequately explored. This study used a qualitative approach to assess the perceptions of unmarried youths regarding mandatory pre-marital HIV testing. Six focus group discussions were conducted among male and female youths in one of the local government areas domiciled within the Ibadan metropolis. Many of the participants were aware of mandatory pre-marital HIV testing and majority had a positive perception of the practice. Though participants were of the view that a positive HIV status at that stage would signify the end of the relationship, most of the female participants were against the cancelation of intending marriages by religious organizations because of sero-discordance. Even though majority wanted the results to be given to the couple, most would like the religious leader to disclose the result. The need for post-test counselling was stressed by many of the participants.

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