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A key approach for screening and indexation of maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes under marginal environmental conditions


Rahi AA, Mehdi SM, Rasheed MK, Nadeem A and Ullah R

Context to screen out the tolerance ability of Zea mays at existing marginal environmental conditions, a study was chalked out with the hypothesis to point out the salinity thrive by maize under brackish water irrigation practice for their sustainability options in existing agro-ecosystem. In this regard, solution culture study was initiated under controlled conditions at Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Multan. All the recorded growth attributes such as shoot fresh/dry weight, root fresh/dry weight, showed a heterogenic behavior to various brackish irrigation water application. Salinity build up in all the leaves was quite different. Highest growth retardation has been noted in T5 amid all other treatments due to possessing high strength of salt stress (i.e., EC, SAR, and RSC). Normal water had maintained lower buildup of Sodium content in leaves of maize. It has been concluded from the findings that Sahiwal 02 and Akbar genotypes performed better by retarding the uptake of Na and boosting the uptake of K due to their selection mechanism in all types of brackish water irrigation. Such findings would be best viable option and paradox for policy makers to develop a suitable cropping system at marginal environmental areas of Punjab.

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