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A case study of crystalline limestone intrusion and fault zone identication using 2d eri technique in Ramco cements, pandalgudi mines, Tamilnadu


A. Antony Ravindran and N. Ramanujam

The aim of the study is find out the intrusion of crystalline limestone and faultzone indentification in Pandalgudi mines, Ramco Cement Pvt Ltd, Tamilnadu. The Crystalline limestone formed in this region due to the geotectonic intrusion of Calgic Granite in the Southern Granite Terrian (SGT) of Madurai Block. The high quality crystalline limestones were mined in this Pandalgudi region. The tectonically formed faulted zone and open cast mine were mapped through the 2D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) technique. 2D ERI technique were covered both vertical and horizontal pseudosection to display the subsurface intrusive, weathered soil and Crystalline limestone in the study area. The 2D ERI study has been carried out using the equipment resistivity meter, Multicore cable, rods and Res2DINV software. These apparent resistivity pseudosectioon were display the range of resistivity in the three profiles obtained average apparent resistivity (1-100 Ohm weather soil, 100-600 weathered limestone, 1400-14000 Ohm.m- Calcic Granulite rock) indicate the subsurface geological condition of the pandalgudi open cast mine.

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