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Journal of Research in Hospitality, Tourism and Culture   Vol. 1(1), pp. 1-14, February 2013        
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Strategies for harnessing investment opportunities through tourism in Nigeria

Bassey Benjamin Esu

Department of Marketing, University of Calabar, Nigeria


Received December 9, 2012; Accepted February 4, 2013


Tourism development in Nigeria is gradually becoming concern of many stakeholders. One reason for delay in the growth of the tourism sector of the Nigerian economy is low political will of policy makers and lack of knowledge on the tourism potentials and investment opportunities in Nigeria by entrepreneurs.  To fill this gap, this paper x- rays the tourism potential of the country using the five cluster arrangement conceptualized in the Nigeria Tourism Development Master Plan. The investment opportunities of each cluster were highlighted on product bases. The paper also presented conceptual framework for harnessing the investment opportunities that abound in the tourism sector of the economy. The paper posit that for the country to attain a competitive edge in the international tourism market, its natural  and cultural potential must combine with the right policy environment to produce tourist products that  will have the right drawing and pulling power to compete in a global market for consumers.

Keywords: Tourism destination, Tourism Development, Investment opportunity, Tourism Master Plan, Tourism cluster.

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