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Articles published in Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences has got h-index 29, which means every article in Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences has got 29 average citations.

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319 385 404 383
Journal total citations count 3738
Journal impact factor 23.9285714
Journal 5 years impact factor 13.6762589
Journal cite score 11.2180451
Journal h-index 29
Journal h-index since 2018 19
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Important citations (128)
Hepatotoxicity and genotoxicity of gasoline fumes in albino rat
Epidemiology and hypothetical transmission cycles of Trichinella infections in the Greater Kruger National Park of South Africa: an example of host-parasite interactions in an environment with minimal human interactions
Seroprevalence of Trichinella Antibodies in Pigs Reared Under Different Husbandry Systems in Southwestern Nigeria
Detection of Trichinella Antibodies in Slaughtered Pigs and Risk Factors Associated with Trichinellosis in Pig Farms in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria
Prevalence and some risk factors associated with trichinellosis in backyard pig farms in Zaria, Nigeria
Trichinella infections in animals and humans in sub-Saharan Africa: A review
Administration of Antimicrobials into Respiratory Tract: Methods to Improve Efficacy in the Treatment of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia