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Commentary - Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences ( 2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

Systemic health and social support challenges faced by families

Carolle Laure Kpoumie*
Department of Public Health and Social Medicine, University of Montpellier, France
*Corresponding Author:
Carolle Laure Kpoumie, Department of Public Health and Social Medicine, University of Montpellier, France, Email:

Published: 16-Nov-2021


The complicated and diverse scientific issues of these with RDs gift precise demanding situations to the multi-professional wheelchair crew to maintain a success impartial mobility and community dwelling. A case that befell in Cameroon for you to set up in a sensible manner this main and yet omitted, omitted issue in a fitness device with terrible specialised systems, technical systems, and without the help of the pharmaceutical laboratories that might with the health gadget of those bad international locations set up a gadget of refuelling in the revel in of the social view the fee that requires the monitoring of these prolonged pathologies that make self-sufficient dwelling almost now not feasible, also existence-threatening. In Cameroon, there were troubles in the care and tracking of this more youthful affected man or woman due to the reality adolescence via the segment of the pubertal transition, early life, to adulthood. It’s miles therefore important to organize the follow-up of these patients, by way of growing specific packages of clinical comply with-up, mental care, and social integration applications fitness regulations want to put money into higher aid. Between 2012 and 2014, I heard many testimonies like Collins’ even as accomplishing my dissertation studies on circle of relatives experiences with rare or un-diagnosable disabilities. However prior to my lengthy-time period studies, my interest in these problems developed in the course of summer fieldwork journeys to study incapacity advocacy in Guatemala. a few of the kids I met there had a couple of disabilities, in addition to complicated health desires, but they did no longer have a clear prognosis-at least, no longer as some distance as each person knew. Maximum had an array of sensory, highbrow, and physical disabilities in addition to numerous health issues. Their instances have been complex; however the reasons for their complexity have been doubtful. As a scientific anthropologist, I was fascinated by the apparently ambiguous roots of those nearby incapacity worlds. to explain the medical functions of electrical powered indoor/out of doors wheelchair (EPIOC) users with uncommon sicknesses (RD) impacting on EPIOC provision and seating.


Retrospective assessment by way of a consultant in rehabilitation remedy of electronic and case note facts of EPIOC recipients with RDs attending a consultant wheelchair provider among June 2007 and September 2008. Records were systematically extracted, entered right into a database and analysed beneath three issues; demographic, diagnostic/ scientific (inclusive of comorbidity and associated scientific capabilities (ACFs) of the contamination/incapacity) and wheelchair factors.


Fifty-four (27 male) EPIOC users, suggest age 37.three (SD 18.6, range eleven-70) with RDs had been diagnosed and reviewed an average of 64 (range zero-131) months after receiving their wheelchair. Diagnoses protected 27 styles of RDs which includes Friedreich’s ataxia, motor neurone disorder, osteogenesis imperfecta, arthrogryposis, cerebellar syndromes and others. Nineteen customers had between them 36 comorbidities and 30 customers had forty four ACFs probable to steer the prescription. Tilt-in-space was supplied to 34 (63%) users and specialised seating to 17 (31%). 4 customers had among them complicated manage or interfacing troubles.


New interpretations of parenting and caregiving can mobilize appropriate health and social care supports and services for families caring for children with rare disorders. Validation of parent experiences reduces isolation and exclusion. Authentic regard for parent narratives honours parents’ experiences of meeting their children’s challenging care needs. Understanding parent experiences provides insight into systemic health and social support challenges faced by families and assist with the development of appropriate and supportive policies and services.