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Commentary - Journal of Research in Nursing and Midwifery ( 2022) Volume 11, Issue 4

Public health nursing and health profession

Ergin Frasso*
Department of Nursing, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul, Turkey
*Corresponding Author:
Ergin Frasso, Department of Nursing, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul, Turkey, Email:

Received: 13-Apr-2022, Manuscript No. JRNM-22-60617; Editor assigned: 27-Apr-2022, Pre QC No. JRNM-22-60617 (PQ); Reviewed: 25-Jul-2022, QC No. JRNM-22-60617; Revised: 30-Jul-2022, Manuscript No. JRNM-22-60617 (R); Published: 08-Aug-2022, DOI: 10.14303/2315-568X.2022.17


A public health nurse may well be a nurse administrative unit advocates for positive changes in population health.This exciting career offers nurses the prospect to work directly at intervals communities to show people and provides them the tools they need to boost their health outcomes.


Public Health


A public health nurse may well be nurse administrative unit advocates for positive changes in population health. This exciting career offers nurses the prospect to work directly at intervals communities to show people and provides them the tools they need to boost their health outcomes.

What will a Public Health Nurse Do?

The role of a public health nurse is to push public welfare (Frachel RR 1988); throughout this capability, nurses concentrate on serving to underserved and at-risk folks gain access to the care they need. The foremost goal of public health nurses is to help forestall malady and crop health risks at the population level through evidencedbased care and education. A principal goal of public health nursing is to handle the health disparities at intervals marginalized communities by specializing within the environmental, physical, and social determinants of health. These unit the conditions that influence individual and cluster variations in health standing. They embrace economic stability, educational level, tending access, food security, the neighbourhood and built surroundings, and social issues like favouritism. Operational for social justice may well be a key side of the role of the final public health nurse; administrative unit promotes modification through policy reform, community building, and system-level interventions.

Qualities of a Public Health Nurse

The best public health nurses unit wonderful communicators and vital thinkers, which they unit able to juggle multiple priorities. Nurses throughout this field tend to be nice and have a true interest in protecting community health. Public health nursing may well be a pleasant role for anyone administrative unit enjoys problem-solving, operational with a network of execs, impacting lives, and influencing modification. While most nurses take care of one patient at a time, public health nurses take care of entire populations. By operational with whole communities, public health nurses unit able to educate people regarding health issues, improve community health and safety and increase access to fret. Public health nurses believe a person’s health is tormented by many factors, at the side of genetic makeup, life vogue and surroundings (Austin LA, 1937); Instead of expecting patients to come to the hospital with associate ill health, they go into communities to try and do and facilitate people improve their health and forestall malady. Health education may well be a primary focus of public health nurses. Drawing on their coaching job as registered nurses, public health nurses provide people reliable, useful information regarding the simplest way to defend their health. In displays at schools, community groups, senior centres and various native groups, public health nurses build a case for proper nutrition, demonstrate effective safety practices, promote early detection of common diseases, tell people the simplest way to appear when disabled or sick members of the family and inform people regarding various very important health issues ( Deming D 1949); Their goal is to create health information straightforward to understand, thus people can take larger management over their well-being. In low-income and rural communities, public health nurses together offer crucial health care services. They immunize schoolchildren, offer pre-natal and well-baby care and teach the previous the simplest way to stay safe and healthy reception. They together ought to be able to acknowledge and answer potential health crises. One of the foremost pressing challenges facing healthcare systems and also the nursing community worldwide is that the growing shortage of nurses. Globally, there's wide acknowledgment that the insufficiency of nurses, combined with the short offer of alternative medical examiners, is apace establishing itself as a significant threat to public health in several nations (Devlin W, 1948); in a very range of states, the shortage of medical examiners, significantly nurses, is inserting an amazing burden on already overtaxed health systems and is making a significant barrier to the supply of essential health services. For others, notably the smallest amount developed countries, inadequate human resources became the foremost vital constraint on the attainment of national and international health and development goals. Current and predicated nursing shortages, in each developed and developing countries, are rumoured by variety of organizations as well as the planet Health Organization, the planet Bank, the Pan Yankee Health Organization, the International Council of Nurses, Physicians for Human Rights, and also the world Health Trust. obscurity within the world is that the shortage aforesaid to be additional pronounced or severe than in area unita|geographic area geographical region geographic region} wherever deficiencies in offer are exacerbated by the international movement of nurses to additional developed countries in search of higher operating conditions and quality of life. In countries of this sub region, it's not uncommon to search out one nurse to blame for providing care to fifty to a hundred patients at just the once. Nursing shortages don't seem to be a replacement development. Variety of developed countries, notably the us, Canada, and also the us, have cycled through shortages within the past often as a results of demand for nursing services exceptional offer. However, this shortage is in contrast to those of the past, as health systems worldwide area unit experiencing pressures exerted on each the availability of and demand for nurses. Whereas the demand for health services and nurses is growing because of demographic and epidemiologic changes, among alternative factors, the availability of accessible nurses in several countries is decreasing and is foretold to worsen within the absence of countermeasures (Vreeland E, 1958); Inadequate human resources designing and management, as well as poor readying practices, in addition to high attrition from the personnel (due to poor work environments, low skilled satisfaction, and inadequate remuneration), international and internal migration, the impact of HIV/AIDS, and chronic underinvestment’s in health human resources area unit major factors driving this nursing shortage.


Many health professions give continued education for his or her members when entry to the personnel, within the sort of workshops, seminars, conferences, and journals, either on a voluntary basis or in a very formal method overseen by registration or skilled bodies. With recognition of the everfaster enlargement of data, and acknowledgement that college man instruction cannot answer for a life-long active career, we tend to could expect that some sort of regulated continued skilled education can become additional instead of less common. So post registration health scientific discipline teaching and coaching looks seemingly to extend in extent within the comparatively close to future. Everything aforesaid below regarding mutual collaboration between health psychologists and members of the profession involved, applies with even bigger force to post registration teaching.


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