Zoonotic tuberculosis in Cameroon: a call for action | 18303
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Zoonotic tuberculosis in Cameroon: a call for action


Koro Koro Francioli, Foe Essomba Rodrigue, Yannick Kadem Simo, Etoa François-Xavier

Cameroon is among African countries where bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is still prevalent but in which human pulmonary tuberculosis due to M. bovis is not well documented while many risk factors as contact between human and animal or non-pasteurization of milk exist and can annihilate authorities’ heath efforts against tuberculosis. We therefore make for the first time, a molecular epidemiology study by analyzing and comparing human and animal M. bovis strains by using a modified MIRU/VNTR loci system. Our result shows that there are some cases of bTB transmission between cattle and between human and cattle. This study was the first that shows a zoonosis case in tuberculosis in Cameroon. It also shows that the use of spoligotyping as the only typing technique could overestimate the cases of tuberculosis transmission but that its association with a good MIRU/VNTR system could find the true cases of transmission.

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