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Women Empowerment using modern technologies


Thembi Bheka

Growing up in Zimbabwe, the charity organisations I always saw seemed to support women weaving, herding cattle and sewing clothes. My dreams were bigger, bigger than getting a new goat or a bag of beans. I dreamt of owning a business, flying to America and changing the future for African women. When I found myself a 3rd wife, my dreams didn’t stop. I just wanted to change the future for women in Africa. 6 months ago, I took what seemed like an impossible journey. I collected laptops from friends in Canada and started teaching woman in Zimbabwe to work online, create websites online and earn income in the currency they choose. What if our next Bill Gates came from an African woman in the village? It’s possible, 80 women, some who had never used laptops in their lives are now coding, creating websites and working on apps.

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