Waist-hip ratio, body mass index, physical activity and the | 16237
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Waist-hip ratio, body mass index, physical activity and the risk of diabetes mellitus in Gombe State, Northeast Nigeria


Sule J Bathna, Jacob A Dunga, Nura H Alkali, Datonya Alasiya, Jafiada J Musa, Yerima Suleiman, Ojobi Joseph

Background: Obesity as measured by waist-hip ratio and body mass index, both increase the risk of diabetes mellitus (DM). Few studies have examined t his relationship among Nigerians. Materials and Methods: In this community-based study conducted in Gombe Town of Gombe State, Northeast Nigeria, we looked at hip-waist ratio, body mass index, fami ly history of DM, and levels of physical activity i n relation to the risk of DM amongst apparently healt hy adults. We employed a two-stage cluster sampling scheme based on existing administrative di visions through random sampling. Results: The crude prevalence rate of DM was 3.9% (5.7% in males , 2.8% in females; p value = 0.005), which was higher than rates previously reported in population surveys from Nigeria. Body mass index, hip-waist ratio, low physical activity and a positive family history of DM all conferred significant risks of DM in our study subjects. Conclusion: The prevalence of diabe tes mellitus is higher in some parts of Nigeria tha n reported previously. Obesity as measured by hip-wai st ratio and BMI are significant contributors to th e risk of DM among Nigerians.

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