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Vertical Electrical Sounding and Groundwater Monitoring in a Tank Farm of Crude Oil Loading Terminal in Delta State, Nigeria


Okareh O.T, Aigbedion Imuwahen Priscilla

This study involves a geo-electrical investigation and groundwater monitoring of crude oil loading terminal in Delta state, Nigeria. Ten Vertical Electrical soundings (VES) were carried out across the area using the Schlumberger electrode array configuration, with maximum-current electrode separation (AB/2) of 100m. Interactive computer interpretations indicate a three geo-electric layer model case for all the curves. Root mean square (RMS) errors of between 2.23 and 8.11% were achieved. The number of resistivity of layers range from 71Ωm to 306 Ωm for the first layer, while the second layer range from 19Ωm to 75Ωm and the third layer gave a range of 19Ωm to 300Ωm. Curve types and resistivity values indicated a five H type curve which confirms that there is groundwater pollution and a Q type. Inventory of soil and ground water samples were also carried out by well/borehole drilling within bund walls of the storage tank for groundwater monitoring. Field studies and laboratory analytical results showed that soils of borehole cuttings are predominantly sandy and acidic. The total suspended solid ranged from 7.9 - 24.0 mg/l and iron concentrations ranged from 0.90 – 2.56 mg/l, which were above the WHO recommended value for portable water.

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