Value of Plasma Viscosity in Acute Appendicitis: a Prelimina | 18159
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Value of Plasma Viscosity in Acute Appendicitis: a Preliminary Study


Erdal Karagulle, Emin Turk, Ali Ezer, Tarik Zafer Nursal, Sevsen Kulaksızoglu Gokhan Moray

Plasma viscosity has been reported to be of valuable importance for infection and can be used as an acute phase reactant. We aimed to determine the diagnostic accuracy of plasma viscosity in acute appendicitis. Twenty-three consecutive patients with a surgical and pathologic diagnosis of appendicitis were included in this prospective study. The control group included 20 healthy people. Venous blood samples, both from the control patients and the patients diagnosed as appendicitis preoperatively, were obtained to measure plasma viscosity. Plasma viscosity was statistically significantly higher in patients with acute appendicitis than in control patients. Plasma viscosity can be measured quickly and inexpensively and it shows only minimal intra-individual variability. Plasma viscosity can be used as an auxiliary laboratory test to diagnose acute appendicitis. However, further clinical and laboratory research is needed to support these hypotheses.

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