Utilizing Dietary Carbs to Develop Plant-Based Carbohydrates | 93991
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Utilizing Dietary Carbs to Develop Plant-Based Carbohydrates Substitutes


Hashmi Virat*

The market value of plant-based (PMA) foods is currently $7.9 billion US dollars. In the face of a lack of food and protein and a shift toward sustainable food, the production of PMA products is now an essential strategy that humans must employ. The manufacturing process and application technology of important PMA raw ingredients like textured protein have previously been the subject of extensive research. However, only a small number of review studies have examined the significance of food carbohydrates in this novel future food. Food carbohydrates are frequently used in PMA products due to their diverse structures and unique techno-functionality. Overall, sugars are essential for variety, flavor, and fragrance production, their capacity to replace fat or fat tissue, their imitation of animal skin and connective tissue, and their enhancement of PMA's surface (Oloke 2017). This review reveals a novel demand for PMA formulation ingredients based on carbohydrates.

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