Unusual Dental Practice: An Encounter with Penile strangulat | 18041
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Unusual Dental Practice: An Encounter with Penile strangulation: A case report.


Ehikhamenor E, Ibhawoh L, Oboro H, Umanah A, Osaigbovo E, Chiedozi U.

Penile strangulation with a ring is rare, and it’s considered a urological emergency whenever it occurs. Its management can be challenging at the acute phase to the urologist where all manner of procedures are considered in an attempt to remove the ring in an inflamed penis. Incidence of penile strangulation in our environment is lacking and anecdotal report suggests increased involvement of youths in our society, in order to increase sexual eroticism. A case of an alloy ring penile strangulation, which elicited the response of all stakeholders in the accident and emergency unit of a tertiary health institution in Nigeria. The patient had received Pre-hospital management at a local Gold Smith, which had complicated the strangulation. The management of this case involved various medical disciplines in the emergency department. This case also exposes an urgent need to counsel patients against such experimental practices on their penis and to seek appropriate medical attention whenever such occurs. Various surgical techniques by tried by the trauma and urological surgical team proved abortive, the dental team was consulted on the case, the dental team utilized their diamond cutting burs with turbine hand piece that eventually removed the rings without significant consequences.

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