Universal coverage health care reforms of Thailand: research | 17912
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Universal coverage health care reforms of Thailand: researching the role of the local fund health security in local government purchasers in the north-eastern region of Thailand


Vorapoj Promasatayaprot, Sathirakorn Pongpanich, David J. Hughes, Samrit Srithamrongsawat

The health insurance system cannot achieve health s ystems goals of efficiency and equity. According to the decentralisation act, the majority of the pu blic health service facilities may be devolved to t he local authorities. The objective was to study the r ole of the local fund health security (LFHS) in loc al governments as a component of Thailand’s universal coverage healthcare reforms in Thailand. This study using a mix method. A survey section used a c ross-sectional approach within 190 samples in local governments. The qualitative data were focuse d on an After Action Review (AAR) of the LFHS. The LFHSs could manage healthcare services in diffe rent levels, 1) providing supports on the existing public health services, 2) establishing a new publi c health service system, and 3) purchasing of the existing public health services to be fully run at local level. The results suggest that the LFHS wil l be proposed to policy makers of the local government a nd the National Health Security Office for further improvement of healthcare services and health decen tralization.

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