Uncommon orbital cholesterol granuloma of the medial wall ap | 17405
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Uncommon orbital cholesterol granuloma of the medial wall approached using a 3D endonasal endoscope


Adele Cassenti, Paolo Pacca, Francesca Maletta, Alessandra Pittaro, Francesco Zenga, Rebecca Senetta

We here described a case of a 57-year-old woman wit h a sudden onset of mild ptosis and deficit of abduction in her right eye with diplopia. After oph thalmologic evaluation, she performed a CT scan with evidence of a lesion at the level of the orbit al medial wall. To determine the nature of this les ion the patient underwent surgery and the surgical exci sion of the mass was performed through a right side transethmoidal approach using a 3D endoscope. The histological exam revealed a granulomatous reaction and hemorrhagic areas with a rich component of cholesterol clefts and spikes addressing towards a diagnosis of cholester ol granuloma of the orbit.

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