Treating sepsis in Africa: a case report on a challenging pu | 17976
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Treating sepsis in Africa: a case report on a challenging public health topic


Pollach G and Namboya F

In some parts of the developing world, we see not o nly neglected diseases, but a bundle of neglected challenges in medicine, as it is sepsis treatment t hrough the departments of anaesthesia. In Malawi, we forced to deal with this in daily life and we ca n consider our problems as a clinical case study on how to address them. The challenges of neglect reac h from the unrecognized psycho-social needs of our anaesthetic clinical officers, the absence of M alawian physician anaesthetists to enormous problems to implement the goals of the surviving se psis campaign or the fact that we are usually bypassed by the important donors - despite the enha nced workload through their own successes in their fight against other public health problems. T he clinical problems of our patient -Malawian anaesthesia - and challenges created through procur ement and maintenance of equipment, staff establishment, hospital administration, are only ma rginally addressed in most public health policy documents. Probably the most detrimental effect fo r the patients’ therapy is the neglect of possible solutions, which do not fit into the well maintaine d and well funded picture we have about medicine in Africa. We suggest a solution to that conundrum.

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