Traumatic injuries among printing press workers in Kumasi, G | 18164
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Traumatic injuries among printing press workers in Kumasi, Ghana


Pius Agbenorku, Owusu De-Graft Johnson, Esenam Nyador, Margaret Agbenorku

There are no records on printing press injuries; this phenomenon holds back the development of effective occupational hazard prevention strategies in Ghana. The objective of this study was to identify the prevalence rate, types, causes of traumatic injuries and the level of education on work safety of workers in the printing industry. Respondents were workers of 20 selected printing houses in the Kumasi metropolis; they were interviewed in simple and clear English language with pre-tested questionnaires which were administered to them in their respective printing houses. The prevalent rate of traumatic injuries was 67% (134/200). The most common recorded type of injuries was superficial (62.7%) and lacerations (19.4%). The most common causes of injuries were those involving the printing machinery (48.5%). Majority of the respondents (65.0%) had knowledge on health safety measures. Training and knowledge about the work was high among Kumasi printing house workers. Despite this, traumatic injury prevalent rate was high. Knowledge on preventive health and safety education must be enforced.

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