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The Pollutant Content in the Padma River Water Draining from Rajshahi City and Its impact on fisheries


M. Golam Mortuza

The study was carried out to assess surface water quality of Rajshahi City of Bangladesh. Based on surveys and chemical analyses, we performed a case study of the surface water collected from three different areas, in order to understand the sources of water pollution and the evolution of water quality in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. Concentrations of major chemical elements in the surface water were related to the source of the agricultural, industrial and municipal sewerage. Low dissolved oxygen, pH, Secchi depth and high electrical conductivity, total phosphorous total nitrogen and heavy metals were strongly associated with the effluent impacted sites and greatly influenced the fish community structure. The Padma river bank close to the city side was more polluted by the domestic and sewerage system than that of opposite side. This study recommends the use of fish as valuable biological indicators in aquatic environmental pollution assessment.

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