The pharmacological studies on intrinsic activities of acety | 18035
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The pharmacological studies on intrinsic activities of acetylcholine, methacholine, and carbachol (Homologous Drugs) on isolated rat ileum preparation


Peter I. Aziba, Sokan J.O., Ifedayo O. and Kasim L.S.

This study investigated the intrinsic activities of equimolar concentrations of three homologous drugs Actylcholine (Ach), Methacholine (Mch) and Carbachol (Cch) on isolated rat ileum preparation. Contractions were monitored on smoked drum fixed on a kymograph. Heights of contractions were measured in (mm) in order to assess their efficacies.In some experiments Ach- induced contractions were measured in the presence of atropine a competitive muscarinic antagonist. The result showed order of potencies, ranked as Cch>Mch>Ach. This result may explain the low intrinsic activities of Ach when compared to Cch, Mch, due to effect of acetylcholinesterase an enzyme which hydrolyze Ach and limit its efficacy in therapeutic use.

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