The management of legal policy on the fight against the orga | 17506
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The management of legal policy on the fight against the organized crime in Kosovo and Macedonia


Ismail Zejneli, Eglantina Pazaj, Alba Dumi

Criminality is a very complex occurrence and very heterogeneous by its forms and the causes it is created. The criminal behaviors are numerous, and may attack many of the goods and society’s relations. The organized crime is treated as the most dangerous and specific form of the criminality manifestation. Organized crime has its own features; as the involvement of the same persons for long periods of time in criminal activities, an organized structure where the power goes to the leader, has its own rules, order and discipline, responsibilities of the members, imposed solidarity, keeping the secrecy of the penal actions and the secrecy of the organization’s existence, loyalty to the leader etc. The organized crime and all of its forms, nowadays represents a very serious problem in all the countries in the world, despite the level of the society and the economic situation of a country. Organized crime is a phenomenon which was created due to some economical, social, historical and traditional conditions.

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