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The influence of carbon and nitrogen sources on pectinase productivity of Penicillium chrysogenum in solid state fermentation


Tariq, A.L and Reyaz, A.L

Penicillium chrysogenum strain MTCC *160 was used for the production of pectinase in a solid state fermentation and enzyme activity was found 15U/mL. The pectinase concentration was found 2.7mg/mL. The pectinase activity was greater when carbon sources were added it showed sucrose 82.5 U/ml, glucose 67.5U/mL and lactose 79.1U/mL. The pectinase activity were greater in the presence of nitrogen sources such as ammonium sulphate 65U/mL, peptone shows 37.5U/mL and years extract 31.6U/mL. The pectinase activity was maximum at substrate concentration of 7g and activity found 25U/mL. The quick germination took place in the cashew nut seed after treating with pectinase and no germination was found in untreated cashew nut seeds. The good clarified was obtained after treatment with pectinase.

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