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The effect of sublethal concentrations of crude oil on the metabolism of Jojoba (Simmodsia chinensis) seedlings


G .H.S. Al-Hawas1, W.M. Shukry1 and 2*, M.M. Azzoz3 and 4 and R.M. S. Al-Moaik

The effect of crude oil contaminated soil at various sublethal concentrations (1%, 2%, and 3% v/w) on the metabolism of Jojoba (Simmodsia chinensis) seedlings was studied. The results showed that crude oil induced environmental stress in the seedlings. This is indicated by the increase in total carbohydrates, total proteins, amino acids and proline in shoot and a decrease in chlorophyll contents of the leaves of 85-days-old seedlings. Meanwhile, there were decreases in total carbohydrates in roots. Antioxidant enzyme activities were assessed in leaves. Increased the activities of peroxidase, ascorbate peroxidase and super oxide dismutase may contribute to limiting stress tolerance at the early stages of development in Jojoba leaves. Catalase activity was inhibited by the various concentrations except at 1%, which showed stimulation relative to the control treatment. In general, the application of inorganic fertilizers (NPK) had more or less significant changes in the metabolic activities of Jojoba at all concentrations (1-3%).

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