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The Contribution of Rural Banks to the Growth of Small-Scale Enterprises in Suhum district


Jafar Issah

The study concentrated on ‘the  of rural bank’s credit to the growth of Small-Scale Enterprise SSE’s) in Suhum district.’ The study depended primarily on a cross-sectional survey. A sample size of 200 was taken from a group of beneficiaries of the bank and non-beneficiaries from the Banks. The data that were gathered were effectively analysed using a multiple linear regression. Responses indicated that, the loan beneficiaries of the Rural Banks had a growth rate of 24.7% whilst non-beneficiaries had a growth rate of 5.7%. The difference of 19% attests to the fact that the Rural Banks have contributed to the growth of SSE’s. The results also revealed that, the impact of employees, start-up capital, total income and easy access to loan is statistically significant on growth of SSE’s. Discussion of findings was made to support existing theories and recommendations based on the findings were affirmed

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