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Technological innovation as a catalyst for fraud prevention in Nigeria deposit money banks


Kabiru Adeyemo* and Fatoki Jacob Obafemi

Technological innovation plays a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of fraud prevention within Nigeria Deposit Money Banks (DMBs). This research explores the multifaceted impact of advanced technologies on fortifying the defenses of DMBs against fraudulent activities. Leveraging a comprehensive analysis of survey results and empirical data, the study delves into the perceptions and attitudes of stakeholders towards the integration of innovative solutions, including advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms, real-time monitoring systems, and block chain technology. The findings reveal a widespread consensus among participants regarding the positive impact of these technologies on early fraud detection, prevention, and overall security. Notably, 86% of respondents acknowledge the positive impact of advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, emphasizing their potential benefits in thwarting fraudulent activities. Real-time monitoring systems, artificial intelligence, robust encryption, and cyber security protocols were also recognized by a majority of participants, affirming their crucial roles in bolstering fraud prevention measures within DMBs. The study employs a chi-square test to establish significant relationships between technological innovation and the enhancement of fraud prevention mechanisms, supported by calculated values exceeding critical thresholds. Furthermore, the abstract highlights the importance of continuous staff training, collaboration with fintech innovators, and regular security audits as integral components of a holistic fraud prevention strategy. The overall positive sentiments expressed by respondents underscore the transformative potential of technological innovation in mitigating fraud risks. This study contributes valuable insights that inform decision-making processes, guiding the strategic integration of advanced technologies within the Nigerian banking sector to reinforce operational frameworks against emerging fraud challenges. Technological innovation stands as an indispensable catalyst for fortifying the defense mechanisms of Nigeria Deposit Money Banks against fraud. The seamless integration of advanced technologies not only enhances security measures but also fosters a more robust, efficient, and resilient banking system, thereby mitigating risks and fostering sustainable growth in the financial sector.

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