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Systematic analysis of invariable and variable factors in securities�?¢�?�?��?�?� transaction of Tehran stock exchange


Dr. Chidam Chitakoglu

This research will study the invariable and variable factors, whether they are internal factors or external factors, in transaction of Tehran stock exchange by a systematic method. Tehran stock exchange become unappealing for Domestic investors which is because of internal factors so this makes opportunities for foreign investor to become interested in Tehran stock exchange, also the financial crisis of 2007 and independence of Iran’s economic on United States as a result of sanctions caused foreign investors’ tendency toward Tehran stock exchange. Economic conditions and political and economic underdevelopment of Iran are main factors of Tehran stock exchange ‘inactiveness. In comparison to USA, Turkey and Malaysia market, Some characteristics of Tehran stock exchange is more appealing for foreign investors so in this research this factor is analyzed and its results is indicated by diagrams and tables and at the end, from the study of Tehran stock exchange I will indicate its general results together with its advantages and disadvantages.

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