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Study on Residual Metabolite of Glomerella cingulata from Raphia hookeri Seedling


Odigie E.E., Eziashi E.I. and Chidi N.I.

An inhibitory effect of the residual metabolite extracted from the liquid culture of Glomerella cingulata of Raphia hookeri seedling has been studied. The fungus filtrate of 500 mL was harvested after 60 days of static incubation at 28 ºC of potato dextrose broth culture of the fungus and concentrated to 50 ml. Leaves of Raphia hookeri and coconut palm were inoculated with Glomerella cingulata residual metabolite and induced necrosis on both varieties. After thirty days of incubation percentage of infection on Raphia hookeri palm was higher with 65.0% compared with 45.0% of coconut palm. We suggest that the G. cingulata residual metabolite has phytotoxic potential, because it causes necrosis on the leaves of R. hookeri and coconut seedlings.

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