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Stomach Microbiota Digestion and Biotransformation on Dietary Regular Items to Human Wellbeing Suggestions under the Influence of Biochemoinformatics Approach


Kimushi Yamanka*

Diverse mammalian processes, including drug metabolism, are aided by gut microbiota. It's a potential new area for drug targeting, especially for natural compounds found in food like tannins, flavonoids, steroidal glycosides, anthocyanins, lignans, and alkaloids. Through Gut Microbiota Metabolisms (GMMs) and gut Microbiota Biotransformations (GMBTs), the chemical profile and corresponding bioactivities of herbal medicines may be altered and implication to ailments by specific microbiota because the majority of herbal medicines are taken orally. Numerous microbial degraded or fragmented metabolites with their biological significance in rodent based models were produced by briefly introducing the interactions between various categories of natural compounds and gut microbiota in this review. Thousands of molecules are produced, degraded, synthesized, and isolated from natural sources but exploited due to their lack of biological significance in the natural product chemistry division.

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