Serum biochemical parameters in racehorses in Senegal | 17192
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Serum biochemical parameters in racehorses in Senegal


A Bathily, A Sow, M Kalandi, MMM.Mouiche, GJ Sawadogo1

This study allowed the establishment of reference values of some biochemical parameters in 77 male racehorses (41 local breed horses and 36 Spanish barbs). The values obtained from these sport horses, bred in the environmental and feeding conditions in Senegal, were within the range of the values of biochemical parameters reported in various previous research works. However, the values of AST and phosphorus obtained in the Spanish barbs were signifcantly higher than those of local horse breed (p < 0.001). Similarly, the values of these two previous parameters and magnesium found in horses of age group 1 (5.47�?±1.5 years) were signeficantly higher than the the values obtained in older ones (p<0.05). The age groups played the key role in the variation of the values of the biochemical parameters as discussed in this paper.

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