Seroprevalence and risk factors of toxoplasma gondii infecti | 16262
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Seroprevalence and risk factors of toxoplasma gondii infection (toxoplasmosis) among hiv seropositive pregnant women in a tertiary healthcare centre, Kano, Northern Nigeria


Yusuf, A.M. Yahaya, S. Azeez- Akande, O

Toxoplasmosis caused by an obligate intracellular Protozoan, Toxoplasma gondii has emerged as an important cause of opportunistic infection in HIV/AI DS resulting in severe morbidity and significant mortality. HIV infected pregnant women are prone to infection by T. gondii due to immune suppression and may lead to severe complications and congenital abnormalities. However, data on this subject matter are scarce in this environment. The study was aimed to determine the seroprevalence of T. gondii infection among HIV infected pregnant women and associated risk factors in Kano, northern Nigeria. A total of 273 HIV seropositive pregnant women attending Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH), Kano were screened for T. gondii antibodies (IgG/IgM) by serology including determination of CD4 cell level in the patients by standard proced ures. Socio-demographic information and risk factors variables of Toxoplasmosis including patient histor y were obtained via a questionnaire. Data were analyzed statistically.

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