Role of Rooftop Gardening in Climate Adaptation and Food Sec | 96045
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Role of Rooftop Gardening in Climate Adaptation and Food Security in Nepal


Shree Kumar Maharjan*

This paper presents the key issues and roles of rooftop gardening (which is known as Kausi Kheti in Nepalese language) particularly in climate adaptation and food security based on the scoping review. Rooftop gardening is comparatively new farming technique/approach, especially, in urban areas that has gained popularity and increased attention recently. Because of rapid urbanization process and land defragmentation and splitting within the households, the agricultural lands for backyard farming have been drastically reduced, hence, urban people must rely on local and wholesale markets for required vegetables to fulfill the food and nutrition. Shrinkage of agricultural lands for cultivation has direct impact on food security and zero hunger, the targets of global development agenda 2030.

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