Reconstruction of multiple hard and soft tissue wounds of th | 17887
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Reconstruction of multiple hard and soft tissue wounds of the face in a patient following gunshot injury at ABUTH, Zaria


Obiadazie Athanasius Chukwudi, Adeola Davis Sunday, Agbara Rowland and Okeke Uche

Facial gunshot injuries are uncommon and complex. T hey require careful planning for multi-staged reconstructive surgery. Initial conservative manage ment followed by staged secondary reconstruction could be performed to obtain satisfactory functiona l and aesthetic results. We present a 46years old male with multiple facial gunshot injuries. He had ruptured right globe, multiple fractured fragments of the maxilla, palate and mandible, loss of part of l eft ala of the nose, full thickness loss of part of left cheek and part of upper lip. The patient had multi- staged surgeries that included stabilization of mandibulo-maxillary fractures and use of temporalis muscle flap and left laterally based forehead flap to reconstruct soft tissue defects. The surgeries w ere done over a period of 3months due to unavailability of funds. The determination of the s urgical team and the desire of the patient to look good, lead to a fairly acceptable outcome, the chal lenges of late presentation, inadequate facilities and inadequate funds notwithstanding.

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