Psychological Alienation\'s Mediation Effect on Online Socia | 96649
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Psychological Alienation\'s Mediation Effect on Online Social Support


Amania U*

Over the past few decades, academics have focused a lot of attention on the acclimation of transient international sojourners, such as expatriates and international students. A typical definition of acculturation is the interaction of cultural maintenance—the sojourner's wish to preserve their cultural identity—and host nation participation— their desire to engage with other members of the host society. The focus of the current study is on the part that social networking sites play in this group's process of acculturation. We investigated through a survey how 126 short-term sojourners in the Netherlands use SNS to engage with friends and family in both their home and host countries, and how this impacts their cultural maintenance and host country participation. Also, as potential mediators, we looked at psychological estrangement and online social support.

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